Give me love like her, 'cause lately I've been waking up alone

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Hey! (: I think that the trip sounds really awesome, and it's really cool that you're interested in it! I myself would love to travel to other countries and just learn their culture. You'd definitely gain a better perspective on society and other developing countries. I think if you told your relatives about this trip and organization and showed how passionate you are about it, they'd probably help fund your trip! It's definitely for a great purpose! (:


Oooo thank you so much!!!! Your help is greatly appreciated! 

Read this please


Today is National Suicide Prevention Day, and genuinely i dont have much to say because an issue like this just speaks for itself in the importance there is in stopping it, just all i can say is i know a lot of you on here are having some type of issue in some part of your life, or if you arent youve known people who have and you have seen and felt with them how hard it is to deal with some of the stuff thrown at you in this world, but in the end everything will be okay, it might not be in an hour or a week, even a couple months maybe, but eventually when you keep trying your hardest and staying positive and with some type of support that you will have eventually, things get a hell of a lot better, and you should be around to see them get better.
if youre having a problem, reach out to someone, your neighbor, your friend, me, someone will listen you just might have to find them

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